Rugby League bettors are some of the most successful punters in the betting industry as the game is one of the most popular games to watch and wager on. Throughout the year, footy fans are able to get involved in the NRL season, the State of Origin and the English Super League games. The NRL season packs in 26 rounds of superb footy with the season ending with the coveted Grand Final. The State of Origin is a three match battle between Queensland and New South Wales and brings out each state’s true colours with Queenslanders sporting maroon jerseys and NSW sporting blue jerseys. These three games are some of the most anticipated events of the season with bets taking place months before the event. The Super League is the premier sports event of the northern hemisphere and involves 15 English teams and one French club.

The betting odds on all these games vary depending on the bookmaker you decide to use, which is why it’s a good idea to have a look at a few bookmakers before opening any accounts. The more betting markets a bookmaker offers the better as you will want to place lots of bets down on Rugby League games!

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Reading footy odds can be a complicated ordeal as they can vary between bookmakers; however the standard way of displaying the odds in Australia is by using decimals. This amount represents the return amount which includes the original amount staked on the bet. So if the Parramatta Eels were playing against the Sydney Roosters the odds may look like:

Parramatta Eels 1.35

Sydney Roosters 6.75

This means that for every one betting unit wagered on the Eels, you would receive 1.35 times that amount in return. For example, if you staked $40 on the Eels winning, you would receive $40 x 1.35 = $54, which includes the original amount wagered so the bonus amount is $14. Whereas if the punter was to stake $40 on the Roosters, the payout would be $40 x 6.75 = $270 which is an incredible amount of money! This is because the odds of the Roosters winning is low compared to the Eels however this is no reason to not wager on the team. There are many underdog teams which will suddenly pick up their game and play superbly.

Footy odds are offered on heaps of different betting types including Singles, Multiples, Exotics, Futures and Live in-game betting.

Singles –

Head to Head:

A simple win or lose bet with/without a draw included.

Line Bet:

Handicaps are placed on each team so that the game is an even competition. One team receives a minus amount, which means that they must win the game by more than the handicap amount so that the punter can receive their payout. The team with a positive amount must either win or not lose by more than the handicap for the punter to win. For example, Brisbane Broncos -5.5 vs. Bulldogs +5.5, so if the punter bets on the Brisbane Broncos they must beat the Bulldogs by more than 5.5 points and if the punter bets on the Bulldogs, they must either win the game or lose by less than 5.5 points below the Brisbane Broncos.

Margin Bet:

Margin is applied to both teams and the punter must choose which team he thinks will be able to beat the other team by the amount of points specified by the bookmaker. AFL margin bets normally offer between 1-39 or 40+ margins. So if the punter wagered on Manly beating the Cronulla Sharks by 1-39 points, Manly’s final score would have to be between 1-39 points more than Cronulla’s final score. Easy!


The bookmaker predicts that the overall game score will be a certain amount of points combined. The punter must wager whether or not the final combined score will be less or more than this amount.

Multiples –

Multiples allow you to combine single bets to produce better odds. So the punter selects 5 single bets and the odds are combined however the punter will only receive the payout if all of the bets are correct. One wrong decision and the punter loses the whole bet! This bet does seem scary but think of the awesome payout you’ll be able to show off to your friends after the game…definitely worth the risk.

Exotics –

Exotics are a range of bets offered only for this specific sport. AFL offers plenty of exotics with some being quite challenging while others are just heaps of fun.

Half Time Result

Half Time/Full Time Leaders

1st Scoring Play

Odd or Even Final Total

1st Team to Score

Highest Scoring Team for the Round

Lowest Scoring Team for the Round

Most Tries (Players)

Player vs. Player

Tri Betting:

The punter wagers on whether a specific team will score over a certain amount of points or they bet that neither team will score more than the amount of points specified by the bookmaker.

Futures –

Futures allow punters to bet on a game or outcome before the season has begun when the odds are still high.

Grand Final winner

Top 8 teams

Top 4 teams

NRL Quinella

Winning Region

Live Betting –

Punters can bet on the game while watching it! Kick by kick punters can bet on the teams’ next moves during the half time intervals.